Welcome to Goose Valley Crafts Online Catalogue.
Master ceramacist Kellie Vander Kooi works from her fully equipped home studio in Michigan.
Specializing in personal service, she tailors each order to your unique tastes.
Additionally, numerous finished pieces are ready for you now.
Shipping avaliable to anywhere in the US.
To order, call Kellie at (269) 561-6018 or email sales@goosevalleycrafts.com.

Hand Painted
Original Designs

Assorted Designer Candle Shades

Commemorative Pieces
Anniversary Family Tree Plate
Birth Plate and Cup
Moon Plate and Cup

Designer Dinnerware
"Accessorize It" Dinnerware
"Dress Up" Dinnerware
"Falling for You" Dinnerware
"Star Light" Dinnerware

Elegant Wedding Pieces
Wedding Cake Topper
Neo-Victorian Vase Centerpiece
Lace Pillar Candle Holder
Lace Tussy Mussy

Friendship Dishes
Assorted Designer Friendship Dishes

Tart Burners
Assorted Designer Tart Burners
Cut Out Tart Burners
Golden Garden Tart Burners
Monogram Tart Burners
Star Tart Burner

Tea Sets
Tea for One Set

Studio Classes
in Fenville, Michigan

Paint it Your Way Studio Party Flyer

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